In Memory of the ‘Painter of Light’

Moonlight on Lake Lucerne

Moonlight on Lake Lucerne

 Today marks the anniversary of Turner’s death on 19th December, 1851.  Over 20,000 works in his possession at the time, including oil paintings, watercolours and drawings, were bequeathed to the nation. He was not always appreciated by art critics during his life, but is now one of Britain’s most highly regarded sons. In memory of Turner I have chosen ‘Moonlight on Lake Lucerne’, my favourite piece from the Unstable States exhibition, as the image for my post today. Thank you, JMW, your light still shines brightly.

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2 Responses to In Memory of the ‘Painter of Light’

  1. Mark bulahao says:

    Great atmosphere! Reminds me a bit of Impression, Sunrise.

    • Angela Nesic says:

      Thanks Mark. You’re right, Monet’s painting has a very similar composition. I like the muted evening colours and light reflected on the still lake. Very peaceful. Thanks for visiting.

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